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The An2An Remote (Demo) app is a mobile application which helps you in a variety of ways. The well-designed and effective application is one of the best of its type. Unfortunately, the application is currently obtainable for mobile devices only including the android, iOS, etc.

However, that doesn’t mean you cannot employ the An2An Remote (Demo) for PC, Mac and Windows operating systems. You can make use of an android emulator to enjoy the An2An Remote (Demo) app on Windows (32 bit and 64 bit), Mac, and even in the Linux operating system.

Check out the step by step instructions for running the An2An Remote (Demo) app on PC devices with an emulator. Use your Android device to remote control another Android/PC device through Bluetooth or WiFi/Network.You can use your Android phone as a wireless keyboard/mouse/touchscreen, or redirect physical keyboard/mouse/controller to target device.
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March 31, 2015
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Use your Android device to remote control another Android/PC device through Bluetooth or WiFi/Network.You can use your Android phone as a wireless keyboard/mouse/touchscreen, or redirect physical keyboard/mouse/controller to target device.

Paid user can email [email protected] to obtain a Windows Receiver for free.

– Turn wired keyboard/mouse/controller into wireless one.
– If you have a phone with built-in physical keyboard or game controller (e.g. Xperia Play, Nvidia Shield, Droid X360, JXD S5110, Yinlips G18A), you don't need to buy keyboard/controller for other devices.
– Screen is not blocked by onscreen keyboard or your finger when using another device as input, so you get better view.
– When the target device cannot connect to keyboard/mouse/controller directly (e.g. no OTG, Firmware unsupported, unrooted), you can use another compatible device as a "bridge".
– Use touchscreen apps on devices which have no physical touchscreen (e.g. Android TV Box, PC).
– Extended customizability by using together with GameKeyboard (e.g. create key/touchscreen mapping, multiple profiles, macro).

1. Keyboard feature doesn't need root.
2. Mouse/Joystick/Touchscreen features need rooted receiver device, please enable "Settings->Receiver Options->Use Root Features" from receiver devices.
3. Feature demos are provided for compatibility testing, restrictions applied when license is not purchased:
– Keyboard: only the first 2 keys pressed in the beginning of each session will work, restart the transmitter to test other keys.
– Mouse: limited to horizontal cursor movement
– Touchscreen: bounded to upper-left area
– Joystick: limited to horizontal movement of left analog stick

Credit to Deen0X for the promotional video and tutorial:,125.0.html

Preparation (for the first time only):
1. Install this app to both devices.
2. Open the app on both devices and select appropriate role.
3. On Receiver device, follow instructions to activate "An2An Receiver" soft keyboard.

Setup connection (for each new device):
Connect Direction
Depends on your need you can select whether to initiate the connection from Transmitter (T->R) or Receiver (R->T), the following instructions assumed (T->R) mode.

[Using Bluetooth]
1. Switch "Connection Mode" to "Bluetooth (T->R)" on both devices from Settings screen.
2. Pairing the devices through Bluetooth, usually under system's Wireless and Network settings screen.

[Using WiFi/Network]
1. Switch "Connection Mode" to "WiFi/Network (T->R)" on both devices from Settings screen.
2. Enter the IP address of Receiver device into one of the "Remote Address" fields on Transmitter's Settings. If you don't know the IP address of your Receiver device, call up "An2An Receiver" soft keyboard and tap "Start Receiver" and it will display it's IP address.
3. (Optional) Change connection port on both devices if needed.

General Usage:
1. Turn on Bluetooth/WiFi on both devices.
2. On Receiver device
2a. Select "An2An Receiver" as active soft keyboard.
2b. Call up "An2An Receiver" soft keyboard (e.g. tap on an input field).
2c. Tap "Start Receiver".
3. On Transmitter device
3a. Open Transmitter app.
3b. Tap "Menu->Connect Receiver"
3c. Select Receiver device from the popup list.
4. Wait for connection establish. Depends on the hardware and signal quality you may need to retry several times. If you have connection problem, try restart bluetooth/wifi on both device (and/or pairing the devices again for bluetooth connection).
5. (Optional) On the transmitter device, call up the desired soft keyboard if needed.
6. Start using. If you have problem transmitting input, restart bluetooth/wifi and try again.
7. When finished, close transmitter app by "Menu->Quit", and stop bluetooth/wifi to avoid battery drain.

How to Operate An2An Remote (Demo) App from PC

The An2An Remote (Demo) app is a native android and iOS application which is not made to run on the PC devices. That means, the app is not available on Windows Store or Apple Store for the Windows or Mac PC devices. However, there is still a way to run the An2An Remote (Demo) app on PC by utilizing an android emulator which lets you enjoy android apps on PC.

You will require an android environment inside your PC and it can be easily created by making use of an android emulator for PC. What’s more interesting is that you can run any android file from play store or external sources from the emulator. Go through the given steps for installing the An2An Remote (Demo) APP on your windows/ Mac PC:

  1. Step-1: Save the launcher of any of the popular android emulators available currently. You will find a lot of them by searching on Google.
  2. Step-2: Post-installation, begin the program and follow the instructions for the required configurations.
  3. Step-3: Now search for the APK of the An2An Remote (Demo) app from google and download it from a reliable source.
  4. Step-4: Now open the folder where you saved the APK file and then drag it to the user interface of the emulator.
  5. Step-5: Now the An2An Remote (Demo) app will be installed on your PC . Now you can enjoy the An2An Remote (Demo) app by launching it for the .

What's new

3.2.4 (2015-03-31)
- [fix] Lollipop compatible

-[fix] missing characters
-[fix] support WiFi Hotspot/Direct

-[new] "Start on Boot" option

-[Experimental] Receiver for Windows
-[new] support passkey
-[fix] screenshot orientation, keyboard compatibility

Other Recent Changes:
-Renamed to An2An Remote
-support "T->R" connection mode
-support mouse/touch/joystick add-ons
-send screenshot to transmitter (need root)
-map control to touchscreen action through GameKeyboard 4.2.0 Read more Collapse

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