Battery Lifespan Extender For Pc (Download Windows 7/8/10 And Mac)


The Battery Lifespan Extender app is a mobile application which helps you in a variety of ways. The well-designed and effective application is one of the best of its type. Unfortunately, the application is currently obtainable for mobile devices only including the android, iOS, etc.

However, that doesn’t mean you cannot employ the Battery Lifespan Extender for PC, Mac and Windows operating systems. You can make use of an android emulator to enjoy the Battery Lifespan Extender app on Windows (32 bit and 64 bit), Mac, and even in the Linux operating system.

Check out the step by step instructions for running the Battery Lifespan Extender app on PC devices with an emulator. Battery Lifespan Extender helps you to keep your battery in great condition for a long
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Battery Lifespan Extender helps you to keep your battery in great condition for a long

Modern batteries don't like extremes like high or low temperatures, as well
as discharging to 0% or charging up to 100% of their capacity. Our
app notifies you when your device starts to heat up or get cold to extend your battery
life. It also allows you to charge your battery partially to avoid deep discharging and
overcharging, and to radically prolong your battery lifespan.

Charging limits
Charging up to 100% or deep discharging down to 0% destroys your battery. If you
set “Max. limit“, you will be notified to unplug your device during charging. If you set
“Min. limit“ you will be notified to charge your device. Avoiding charging up to 100% or
down to 0% radically prolongs your battery lifespan.

Temperature protection
Modern batteries don't like extreme temperatures like cold or hot. If you set “Max./Min. temperature“, you will be notified every-time your battery heats up or gets
cold. It will help you to keep your battery in appropriate temperature to prolong its

Lifespan prediction
According to our tests and battery characteristics from manufacturers we discovered
how much the temperature, overcharging and deep discharging can affect your
battery lifespan.

Battery info
Our app gives you an overview of the battery level and battery temperature over
time, as well as real time information about the battery health, voltage and
temperature. This information can help you to keep your battery in great condition.

Installation Procedure of Battery Lifespan Extender App for PC (Windows and Mac)

You should have already known that the Battery Lifespan Extender app isn't available as a desktop or laptop application. But the good news is the Battery Lifespan Extender app can be easily operated from your Windows, Mac and even the Linux computer by making use of an android emulator.

Several android emulators are obtainable for all these operating systems at absolutely free of charge. You can run the Battery Lifespan Extender app from the emulator just like an android smartphone. Here are the steps that need to be followed for the installation of Battery Lifespan Extender App on PC:

  1. Begin with installing a suitable emulator software that is available at free of charge. Some choices include Bluestack, Game Loop, MSI player, etc.
  2. Post-installation, you will find an android virtual device inside the emulator which will work as a virtual android device.
  3. Now login to Gmail to enjoy apps from the play store. After completing the step, search Battery Lifespan Extender App from Play Store.
  4. Find the app and install it. You should find the Battery Lifespan Extender App on the virtual emulator and you can smoothly operate it from there.

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