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The Cookie Manager for System Web View for PC, Windows and Mac is a vastly famous program because of its effective and efficient performance. Ever wonder how you can run the Cookie Manager for System Web View app on your computer? Well, you cannot run the app directly on PC devices as it is not released for the PC operating systems.

However, by utilizing an alternative approach, you can easily run the Cookie Manager for System Web View for PC. In fact, you can run the Cookie Manager for System Web View app on all popular computer OS including the Windows, Mac, Linux, and others. Basically, we will implement the emulator method to run the Cookie Manager for System Web View app on these OS.

Keep reading the document to acknowledge the straightforward steps to run the Cookie Manager for System Web View app on PC.    *** R E Q U I R E S  R O O T ***
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October 28, 2020
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   *** R E Q U I R E S  R O O T ***

Failures on Pie? Please try the latest release – 1.3.2.

Many browsers on Android use the System Web View component. Dolphin, Chrome, & Opera are all examples. Built-in cookie management is limited. This app gives more control.

This app uses undocumented means to access the browser's cookie data & it first terminates the browser. So use this app before or after browser sessions. This also means that as these browsers evolve over time, the undocumented mechanism may have to evolve as well. At some point, the browsers may change in a way that prevents this app from working. Efforts will be made to support this app over time. But no promise can be made.

Some functions below are marked (license required). These are not available to you unless you purchase a license via Play Store via the Purchase menu item. Use the free functions first to ensure this app works on your device/browser.

Run this app & grant it ROOT access. Upon first run or when you choose to change browser app from the Settings menu (license required), you are prompted to select your browser from the list of apps on your device. After selecting your browser app, this app must locate the browser's cookies database & this can take several minutes to complete. This is needed rarely-please be patient.

Once your browser's cookies database is located, you are shown a view of all cookies stored by that browser. Cookies are arranged in groups sorted by their host domain name. Tap a host domain entry to see the cookies for that domain name.

Long press a host domain entry & you have the option to delete all cookies for that domain name (license required) or to add/remove that domain to/from a white (by default) list of domain names who's cookies will NOT be deleted when all others are deleted via this app (see below).

Long press an individual cookie name entry to delete or see its details.

Host domain entries currently on the white/black list are shown with white text.

Other functions are accessed from the main screen's menu. Most important are:

* Filter the list of host domain names to view a subset of domain names. Enter a full or partial host domain name as a filter spec. Filter specs are added to a list of recently used filter specs for easy re-access.

* Delete ALL cookies (license required). This function's behavior depends on your use of the white list or a black list (see below). Note that this action cannot be undone.

* Manage the white/black list of host domain names. Long press a host domain name to remove it from the list. From the menu here, you can clear the entire list & specify if the list is used as a white (default) or black list. When a white list is used, cookies for the domain names in the list are "protected" from deletion during a delete all operation while all others are removed. When a black list is used, only cookies for the domain names listed will be removed during a delete all operation while all others are "protected".

* Snapshot the entire cookie state at a given point in time & later compare the current cookie state against that snapshot to view changes over time. This helps identify cookies you may wish to delete or "protect". Remove the snapshot at any time. The delete all cookies function clears the snapshot.

More technical: trigger delete all cookies via an intent (license required). Handy for users of Tasker. Intent action must = com.whitedavidp.cookiemanagerforsystemwebview.DELETE_COOKIES. Target package must = com.whitedavidp.cookiemanagerforsystemwebview.

Use this to implement your own cookie deletion "policy". I set my browser to NEVER delete cookies on exit. I maintain a white list of "protected" cookies here. When Tasker detects my browser closing it sends the intent and all cookies except those I specifically wish saved are deleted upon the browser's exit.

This feature is disabled by default. Enable it in Settings (license required).

Cookie Manager for System Web View App Installation for the Windows 7, 8, 10

The Cookie Manager for System Web View app is undoubtedly one of the best apps out there but unfortunately, it doesn’t offer services for the PC devices. That’s why you will not find the Cookie Manager for System Web View app on Windows Store or Apple Store. However, you can enjoy the Cookie Manager for System Web View app on PC by making use of an android emulator like Gameloop, Nox Player, or Memu Player.

The interesting thing is you can operate any android programs from Play Store and third-party sites on the emulators. Some of them even offer you the same level of experience as an original android device. Check out the steps below to install and run the Cookie Manager for System Web View App on PC.

  1. Get your preferred android emulator program for windows operating system from the official download site of the software.
  2. Then install it. Post-installation, open the emulator software and complete the setup to run android apps.
  3. Now search for the Cookie Manager for System Web View Apk on Google and find the file. Click on the APK file and bring it on the emulator UI by dragging.
  4. Now complete the installation of the Cookie Manager for System Web View app on the emulator . Within a while, you should be able to operate and enjoy the Cookie Manager for System Web View App from the virtual place.

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With help of John Colombo, found and fixed a bug causing inaccurate results. Send Log function restored for later Android. Read more Collapse

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