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Searching for the Find Japanese Penpal Shimagurashi Message Bottle for PC and Windows, Mac? Well, you may not find it by searching as there is no official release of the Find Japanese Penpal Shimagurashi Message Bottle app for computer devices. It is a highly beneficial application but unfortunately, the developer never released any version of the Find Japanese Penpal Shimagurashi Message Bottle app for the computer devices.

However, there is still a way to run the amazing application on your PC. You can utilize an android emulator to run the Find Japanese Penpal Shimagurashi Message Bottle for PC. By making use of the emulator app, you can enjoy the Find Japanese Penpal Shimagurashi Message Bottle on Windows, Mac, and even in the Linux devices.

Keep going through the document to explore how to install the Find Japanese Penpal Shimagurashi Message Bottle app on your PC. 【Let's interact with Japanese people】
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【Let's interact with Japanese people】
Shimagurashi is a messaging app made in Japan.
It is used by so many Japanese people.
This app is especially recommended for those interested in Japan.

【English and Japanese automatic translation function】
Because there is an automatic translation function, you can enjoy message exchange even if you do not understand Japanese.

【Message sent from your own island】
Fill your thoughts with your letter in a bottle and let it flow into the sea!
The message you sent may shake the mind of someone somewhere.

【Let's relax in the world of Shimagashi】
Please enjoy the world view and community in the app.
Since logins like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are unnecessary anonymous services, you will never see someone you know.
All you need to get started is the name of your island.

【Let's make the island lively】
You can get Precious Shells by exchanging messages. If you collect it, you will get various things as a reward, and the island will gradually become lively.

【Please enjoy the gentle view of the world】
In the world of Shimagurashi, the same time as reality flows.
A peaceful morning, noon, but a gentle sunset, a calm time of night, and BGM combined with it also create a gentle space.
Depending on the season, the scenery of the island may change slightly.

【Let's enjoy fashion with avatar】
There is an avatar called ""Shimanoko"" on your island.
Shimanoko can be changed with various items.
Please give me your own Shimanoko cute.

■■■ Recommended for such people ■■■

・ Someone who is interested in Japan
・ Those who want a Japanese friend
・ A person who likes a gentle view of the world like a picture book
・ Person who is interested in correspondence
・ A person who is tired of dealing with real
・ Person who has trouble and consultation that can not talk to real acquaintance
・ A person who wants to communicate with a person who can not usually get acquainted
・ Mothers who can not leave the house easily
・ A person who wants to talk to a person with the same taste but is not around
・ A person who came up with nice words and poems but can not express easily to the people around
・ People who are not satisfied with the current community
・ A person who wants to enjoy a little conversation with a stranger

■■■ Recommended at such time ■■■

・ When you were happy or sad
・ When you want to tweet
・ Good morning to someone, when you want to say good night
・ When you want to have a love consultation or trouble consultation
・ When you want someone to listen to you
・ To kill time
・ When you want to relax
・ During commuting, during breaks, a short time before going to bed
・ When you want to make a small complaint

◯◯◯ Notes ◯◯◯

Shimagurashi is an application that offers the pleasure of talking with someone who does not know, based on the concept of correspondence and bottle mail, and is not an application for the purpose of dating.

Please do not send messages that may be offensive to others, or exchange personal information such as IDs of SNS and communication services and phone numbers.

Any act that would destroy the worldview is prohibited. Please check the terms and conditions for details.

When exchanging messages, treat each other with compassion. If you give kindness to the other party, the other person will surely reply to you.

Please use the block / report function if you find a unpleasant person
. It is safe because the opponent who once blocked will not be displayed after that.

Please enjoy the world of splendor calmly.

The Best Way to Use and Install Find Japanese Penpal Shimagurashi Message Bottle APP for PC

You can use the Find Japanese Penpal Shimagurashi Message Bottle app on android , iOS, and other smartphone devices without any difficulties. But when it comes to installing the Find Japanese Penpal Shimagurashi Message Bottle App on PC , there are not a lot of options available for you. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot use the Find Japanese Penpal Shimagurashi Message Bottle App on PC . Here are the steps of an alternative procedure for the installation of Find Japanese Penpal Shimagurashi Message Bottle App on PC :

  1. Step-1: Get an android emulator on your desktop. Some of the best android emulators are Nox App Player, Memu Player, Bluestacks, etc.
  2. Step-2: Complete the installation. You will be provided with the required installation steps inside the setup screen.
  3. Step-3: You have completed all the hard steps. Now your works consist of easier steps. Get the Find Japanese Penpal Shimagurashi Message Bottle Apk file by hunting for it on Google.
  4. Step-4: Drag the APK file on the emulator software. The emulator will initiate the installation and then you can start using Find Japanese Penpal Shimagurashi Message Bottle App from the emulator.

What's new

Thank you for enjoying Shimagurashi.

This is Mogurasan.

Update contents of new version are here.

【Shimagurashi Ver 3.3.8】
◯2 avatar items have arrived!
◯7 house items have arrived!

I will continue to make the world of relaxation comfortable, little by little, from now on.

Thank you for your continued support.

That's it, Mogurasan. Read more Collapse

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