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How To Write A Linkedin Recommendation For Your Boss?

    LinkedIn is a powerful tool for networking and building professional relationships. One way to strengthen those relationships is by writing a recommendation for a colleague or boss on their LinkedIn profile. But how do you do it effectively, especially if it’s for your boss? In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of writing a LinkedIn recommendation for your boss and provide some tips to make it engaging and effective.

    Asking yourself, “Why write a recommendation for my boss?” Well, a well-written recommendation can not only boost your boss’s credibility and professional reputation but also reflects positively on you as a team player and a professional. Moreover, it can also strengthen your relationship with your boss and create a positive impact on your future career growth. So, let’s dive into the process and tips to help you write a winning LinkedIn recommendation for your boss.

    How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation for Your Boss?

    If you have been impressed by the work of your boss, it is a great idea to write a LinkedIn recommendation for them. A recommendation can help your boss to establish credibility and trust with future employers or clients. In this article, we will guide you through the process of writing a LinkedIn recommendation for your boss.

    Understand the Purpose of a LinkedIn Recommendation

    A LinkedIn recommendation is a way to publicly endorse someone’s professional skills and abilities. It is a way to highlight the strengths of your boss and to provide potential employers or clients with an insight into their work. A well-written recommendation can help your boss to stand out among other candidates.

    To start with, take some time to understand the purpose of a LinkedIn recommendation. It is important to know what information you need to include and how to structure your recommendation.

    Focus on Specific Skills and Achievements

    When writing a LinkedIn recommendation for your boss, it is important to focus on specific skills and achievements. Think about the projects your boss has worked on and the skills they have demonstrated in those projects. Highlight their achievements and how they have contributed to the success of the project.

    Be specific in your recommendation and provide examples to back up your claims. For example, if your boss has excellent leadership skills, provide an example of how they have led a team to accomplish a specific goal.

    Use Professional Language and Tone

    A LinkedIn recommendation is a professional document, so it is important to use professional language and tone. Avoid using slang or informal language. Keep your recommendation concise and to the point.

    Remember that your recommendation reflects on your boss as well as on yourself. Make sure that it is well-written and free from any grammatical or spelling errors.

    Structure Your Recommendation

    To make your LinkedIn recommendation easy to read, it is important to structure it properly. Start with an introduction that explains how you know your boss and how long you have worked together. Then move on to highlight specific skills and achievements.

    Use bullet points or tables to highlight specific achievements or skills. This will make it easy for the reader to scan your recommendation and to get a quick overview of your boss’s strengths.

    Include a Call to Action

    At the end of your recommendation, include a call to action. This can be a simple statement encouraging the reader to contact your boss for further information or to arrange an interview.

    Make sure that your call to action is appropriate for the situation. If your boss is currently looking for a new job, you may want to encourage potential employers to contact them directly. If your boss is looking for new clients, you may want to encourage potential clients to visit their website or to contact them for more information.

    Benefits of Writing a LinkedIn Recommendation for Your Boss

    Writing a LinkedIn recommendation for your boss can have several benefits. Firstly, it can help to strengthen your professional relationship with your boss. It shows that you appreciate their work and that you are willing to take the time to publicly endorse them.

    Secondly, it can help your boss to establish credibility and trust with potential employers or clients. A well-written recommendation can provide valuable insight into your boss’s skills and abilities.

    LinkedIn Recommendation vs Endorsement

    It is important to understand the difference between a LinkedIn recommendation and an endorsement. A recommendation is a written endorsement that provides specific information about a person’s skills and abilities. An endorsement is a simpler way to acknowledge someone’s skills and can be given with a single click.

    While endorsements are useful, a recommendation provides more detailed information and can help your boss to stand out among other candidates.


    In conclusion, writing a LinkedIn recommendation for your boss can be a great way to show your appreciation for their work and to help them establish credibility and trust with potential employers or clients. Remember to focus on specific skills and achievements, use professional language and tone, and to structure your recommendation properly. With these tips, you can write a compelling recommendation that highlights your boss’s strengths and abilities.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some common questions that people have when it comes to writing a LinkedIn recommendation for their boss. We’ve provided detailed answers to help guide you through the process.

    What should I include in my recommendation?

    When writing a LinkedIn recommendation for your boss, it’s important to highlight their strengths and accomplishments. Be specific about the projects they’ve led, the goals they’ve achieved, and the impact they’ve had on the company. Use concrete examples to illustrate your points and provide context for your recommendation. Additionally, you may want to mention their leadership style, work ethic, and any other qualities that make them a great boss.

    Remember to keep your recommendation professional and focused on your boss’s work-related attributes. Avoid discussing personal matters or including any irrelevant information that detracts from the purpose of the recommendation.

    How long should my recommendation be?

    There’s no set length for a LinkedIn recommendation, but generally, you should aim to write between two and four paragraphs. This provides enough space for you to explain your boss’s strengths and accomplishments without going into unnecessary detail. Keep in mind that most people are reading recommendations quickly, so you want to make your points concisely and clearly.

    If you find that you have a lot to say, consider breaking up your recommendation into sections with subheadings. This can make it easier for readers to scan and absorb the information.

    What tone should I use in my recommendation?

    Your LinkedIn recommendation should be professional and upbeat. Use positive language to describe your boss’s achievements and highlight their strengths. Avoid using overly emotional or flowery language that may come across as insincere or unprofessional.

    At the same time, make sure your recommendation reflects your personal voice and style. You want to come across as genuine and authentic, rather than simply following a formula or template.

    Should I ask my boss to review my recommendation before posting it?

    It’s always a good idea to ask your boss if they would like to review your recommendation before you post it on LinkedIn. This gives them the opportunity to provide feedback and make sure that you’ve accurately captured their strengths and accomplishments.

    When asking for feedback, be clear that you want their input on the content of the recommendation, not just a general approval. This will help ensure that your recommendation is as effective as possible.

    How do I end my recommendation?

    When wrapping up your LinkedIn recommendation, it’s important to end on a strong note. You may want to summarize your main points, reiterate how your boss has impacted the company, or express your confidence in their abilities.

    Additionally, be sure to include a call to action, such as encouraging others to connect with your boss on LinkedIn or expressing your willingness to provide additional information or support. This can help make your recommendation more engaging and actionable.

    In conclusion, writing a LinkedIn recommendation for your boss can be a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work and leadership. By following these tips, you can create a recommendation that highlights their strengths and accomplishments while also showcasing your own professionalism and attention to detail. Remember to be specific, authentic, and concise when crafting your recommendation, and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback or guidance from your boss if needed. With a little effort and care, you can create a powerful and effective recommendation that will help your boss stand out in the competitive world of LinkedIn. So go ahead and get started today – your boss (and your career) will thank you!

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