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More than 72% of smartphone users use a device that runs on android. It also has a massive application library with 2.56 million applications in various categories. Even there are some apps which are only available for android and you cannot find it for PC. The Kitchen Radio (Music player) for your PC, Windows and Mac is such an app.

In this document, we will enable you to know how to utilize the Kitchen Radio (Music player) app for android on your PC by utilizing a simple trick. You will require setting up an android emulator to play the application on your PC. Keep going through the document to know how to run the Kitchen Radio (Music player) for PC. This is an Internet Radio and Music player.
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December 18, 2017
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This is an Internet Radio and Music player.

The app is designed to be simple, it has to be switched on and off whenever you want music (in your kitchen or elsewhere). Press a button to start radio, press button to switch it off.

* Internet radio streaming
* Playback of music from device's local storage
* Playback of music from LAN or NAS (Samba protocol) over WiFi
* Showing album art image of current song (provided by
* Playback possible to DLNA -enabled audio device on LAN

-= Configuration =-

The app may need some configuration first. Mainly to setup music folders and adding your favorite radio stations.
To enter app Settings, tap bottom of three main buttons on left. In the settings you can do things:

* Export/import settings – exporting packs app settings to device's mass memory, importing brings them back to app. That's suitable for moving stations and other settings to another device.
* Add station – allows you to add new station, which is process similar to editing station – read below how.
* Preferences – setup folder for LAN and for local music folder on device.
* Add new radio station.

Long-pressing on a radio station is used to edit it or delete it.

-= Browsing music folders =-

There is middle button on left, which opens music folders, located either on device, or on a LAN (Samba share). You setup the folders in Preferences (see above). If LAN access needs username and password, you setup the location in form user:[email protected]/MyMusic. If there's no username/password needed, just omit the part before '@' and enter LAN's IP address, optionally followed by path to music folder. For on-device music folder, just enter it's path, by default it's set to Music folder on device's mass memory.

Select files to play. This app uses simple way to play all music files in a folder, including all sub-folders. Whenever you press blue arrow icon to start folder playback, that folder gets played. You can browse inside to select specific folder, or play your entire Music collection. Randomly or track by track.

You can add some music folder as favorite, such folders are listed at top. Otherwise they're sorted by name.

-= Browsing radio stations =-

Press topmost button on left to see list of configured radio stations. By default there is only one radio station there, but you can configure your own. To add station, go to Settings tab and click Add station.

After selecting radio station, it starts to play.
Stations are automatically rated, stations to which you listen most are shown at top of list.

-= Playback screen =-

Both ways of audio source (music folder or radio station) show Player screen. That is the most important screen of the app. It shows basic information about music file (if available), and attempts to download song's related album image, which is displayed at background.

Playback screen also offers three buttons – Previous (track or station), Pause/Resume and Next (track or station).
Top part of screen shows artist name, song name and station title or album name. Pressing this area shows menu for searching about played song or author, or ever find YouTube video of the song.

Long-press on album art image hides all controls, so that you can enjoy uncovered image.

Playing songs from a music folder reveals another controls – navigation bar to set position withing track, and two buttons for random playback and repeat mode.

-= Selecting DLNA renderer =-

This is done in Settings tab. Select audio device on LAN where audio will be sent, or select local device. This way you can play audio in other audio equipment at your home.

How to Use Kitchen Radio (Music player) App for PC

You can enjoy the Kitchen Radio (Music player) app on your PC but it will not work in the usual way. As the Kitchen Radio (Music player) app is a native smartphone/ android application, you cannot run it directly on PC. But you can do this by producing an android atmosphere that resembles a virtual android device. In the virtual android device produced by the emulator, you can run any android programs.

The Kitchen Radio (Music player) app can be utilized with any of the available android emulators. It is also very easy to set up an emulator program on PC to run your preferred android game or app. More so, it doesn’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes to do the configuration of the emulator on PC.

  1. Get the emulator by following the given link above. Make sure to get the accurate version based on your OS version.
  2. Now install it as mentioned on the setup page. You will find the instructions as soon as you run the emulator file.
  3. After completing the installation of the emulator program, you will find a play store option inside it. Begin the play store by login through Gmail and then search for the Kitchen Radio (Music player) app . Select the correct one from the outcome.
  4. Now install the Kitchen Radio (Music player) app on the emulator and you should be operating it on your pc from the emulator.

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