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How to download the Light Bulb Saver for PC , Mac, Windows? The truth is you cannot download the Light Bulb Saver app directly on the PC devices. That is because it is an android application which is not yet deployed for the computer operating systems like Windows, Mac, etc.

So, is there any way to install the Light Bulb Saver android app on your computer? Fortunately, there are several ways of employing the Light Bulb Saver for pc, Windows 10, 7, 8 and Mac. You can make use of the alternative approaches to install the app on the PC.

Keep going through the document if you want to know the step by step procedure of configuring the Light Bulb Saver app on PC. Welcome to Light Bulb Saver
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Welcome to Light Bulb Saver

Choosing light bulb replacements for your home can be confusing. You may have noticed that the choices of light bulbs available have expanded and some of the older options you once relied on have disappeared. With lighting taking between 8 to 15% of the average household electricity spend; there are lots of options to reduce the amount of energy used for lighting while still providing the right light for your needs.

The Light Bulb Saver mobile app helps you calculate how much money you can save by replacing your current lights with energy efficient alternatives, and offers tips to help in designing effective and efficient lighting solutions for each room in your home.

The app also provides a useful table to convert the wattage of traditional incandescents and halogens into lumens, and provides information about the household lighting technologies available in Australia, along with other useful lighting information.

Light Bulb Saver is completely free and works without connecting to a mobile network.

The app was originally developed by the Swedish Energy Agency and has been customised for use in Australia by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science on behalf of the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Program.

For more information about energy efficient lighting and the E3 program, visit

Light Bulb Saver has four parts:

This tool allows you to calculate how much you can save by replacing your current lights with energy efficient alternatives.
You can compare traditional incandescents, halogens and CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) technologies in a range of shapes, including omnidirectional (classic shape), directional (reflector/downlight), capsule and tubular fluorescent.
LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are the most efficient types of lighting on the market today, and so the app does not offer any replacement options.

Lighting should be planned to complement the lifestyle of the home. Consider the activities that occur in each room, the atmosphere you want to create, and the decorative elements that you want to emphasise.
Take a look through each room in this section to get some ideas about designing the lighting in your home.

We used to buy old fashioned incandescent bulbs by the amount of watts (power) they used. With energy efficient technologies now available, light bulbs now produce the same amount of light using far less power so it no longer makes sense to shop for Watts.
Using ‘lumens’ (lm) is now the way to choose the light you need. The more lumens, the more light.
The conversion table shows how many lumens a new light bulb should produce to deliver as much light as a traditional incandescent or directional halogen.

Find out more about the household lighting technologies available in Australia and view a glossary of terms and concepts. There’s also information about recycling, the environment, your consumer rights, what’s on the packaging, and, the developers of this app.

What’s the Trick to Download Light Bulb Saver App on PC?

The Light Bulb Saver app is something that you will want to use on every device. But the shocking news is the app is not obtainable for Windows nor for the Mac OS. The developer of the Light Bulb Saver app never makes it available for the desktop operating systems.

The trick is to use an android emulator which can initiate an android virtual device inside your PC. These software make use of the resources of your PC for running the android apps. Check out the steps for the installation of the Light Bulb Saver App on computer devices:

  1. Begin with saving a preferred android emulator of your choice.
  2. Install it. You will find definitive guidance on the setup page for doing so.
  3. Now get the Light Bulb Saver APK from any APK sharing website.
  4. Drag the Apk of the Light Bulb Saver software on the emulator for the installation.
  5. It will be completed within a few minutes and then you can run the Light Bulb Saver app .

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