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The Oolimo Guitar Chords app is an innovative software that arrives with a lot of optimizations and advantages. Are you searching for a way to utilize the app on PC? Well, that will not be possible easily. Because, as per now, the popular program is only obtainable for Android and iOS smartphone devices.

The only way to run the Oolimo Guitar Chords for PC, Windows 32 and 64 bit is by utilizing an android emulator for your computer’s operating system. Currently, all the popular computer operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux have a good number of android emulators.

Keep following the document to know the appropriate procedure for installing the Oolimo Guitar Chords app on your computer. Guitar chord finder with explanations, chord analyzer and quizzes. English/German.
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May 4, 2020
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Guitar chord finder with explanations, chord analyzer and quizzes. English/German.

Attention: problems may occur with very old Android versions 4.x. You should only install this app on systems with Android 5.x and up.

This app will dramatically increase your understanding of chords and make you a better player and songwriter. Recommended from interested learners to guitar students.
Learn guitar chords, chord naming and chord construction the way used by professional musicians in todays popular music including complex jazz harmony.

Guitar Chord Finder:
No nonsense chords – the chord database is personally maintained by professional guitarist and university teacher Oliver Mochmann. Those chords are then transposed to your selected key by an algorithm that really knows the theory!
Explanations for every chord type with note names that automatically adapt to the selected key/root.
Transfer chords from the Chord Finder to the Chord Analyzer.

Guitar Chord Analyzer:
Instantly get syntactically right chord names for every inversion by entering a chord into the virtual fretboard.
No "chord unknown" message due to the chord analyzer's intelligent algorithm.
Watch your chords notes on staves.
Quick storage helps to memorize and compare several chords.
Advanced features like enharmonic change of the root, double accidentals, slash chord notation.

Improve and strengthen your guitar chord knowledge wherever you are. The various types of tasks will illuminate many aspects of guitar chords like chord construction or derivation, harmonic context, intervals and complementary intervals, differences between chord types or just chord voicings, tensions, modifications, etc. Last but not least the quizzes and are fun to do!

General features:
Interactive fretboard/chord diagram shows note name and interval for each played tone.
Switch between detailed or abbreviated chord names.
Listen to the whole chord or single chord tones.
Switch between english and german language.
Switch between night and day mode for best view at any time.

How to Use Oolimo Guitar Chords App for PC

You can enjoy the Oolimo Guitar Chords app on your PC but it will not work in the usual way. As the Oolimo Guitar Chords app is a native smartphone/ android application, you cannot run it directly on PC. But you can do this by producing an android atmosphere that resembles a virtual android device. In the virtual android device produced by the emulator, you can run any android programs.

The Oolimo Guitar Chords app can be utilized with any of the available android emulators. It is also very easy to set up an emulator program on PC to run your preferred android game or app. More so, it doesn’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes to do the configuration of the emulator on PC.

  1. Get the emulator by following the given link above. Make sure to get the accurate version based on your OS version.
  2. Now install it as mentioned on the setup page. You will find the instructions as soon as you run the emulator file.
  3. After completing the installation of the emulator program, you will find a play store option inside it. Begin the play store by login through Gmail and then search for the Oolimo Guitar Chords app . Select the correct one from the outcome.
  4. Now install the Oolimo Guitar Chords app on the emulator and you should be operating it on your pc from the emulator.

What's new

The eagerly awaited update by all left-handed users! Left-hand mode, chord diagrams in quiz solutions complemented with full functionality (play button, notes/intervals switching) and other more subtle improvements. Read more Collapse


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