Scientific Calculator 995 For Pc – Guide To Install (Windows 7/8/10/mac)


How to download the Scientific Calculator 995 for PC , Mac, Windows? The truth is you cannot download the Scientific Calculator 995 app directly on the PC devices. That is because it is an android application which is not yet deployed for the computer operating systems like Windows, Mac, etc.

So, is there any way to install the Scientific Calculator 995 android app on your computer? Fortunately, there are several ways of employing the Scientific Calculator 995 for pc, Windows 10, 7, 8 and Mac. You can make use of the alternative approaches to install the app on the PC.

Keep going through the document if you want to know the step by step procedure of configuring the Scientific Calculator 995 app on PC. Scientific Calculator 995 (sc-995) has general calculator function.
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Scientific Calculator 995 (sc-995) has general calculator function.
And it has 76 kinds of functions, binary/octal/hexadecimal calculation, complete mathematical calculation.

[Math Functions]

– Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide
– Correct Order of Operations (M, D, A, S)
– Constant Feature
– Parenthesis
– Change Sign (+/-)
– X^2/Square Root
– X^3/Cube Root
– Exponents (^key)/Powers of 10
– xth Root
– Pi
– Percent Calculations


– Fraction <> Decimal, Decimal <> Fraction
– Improper Fraction <> Mixed Number
– Simplification


– Sin, Cos, Tan & Inverse
– Hyperbolic Functions
– Converts between DEG, RAD, GRAD


– Mean, Sum, # Elements
– Standard Deviation
– Log, Ln, Inverse Log, Exponential
– nPr, cPr, x!
– Random Number Generator

[Additional Math Functions]

– DMS <> DD Conversions
– Number Bases – Dec, Hex, Oct, Binary
– Polar <> Rectangular Conversions
– Boolean Logic Operations

[User's Guide]

– Include user's guide


This software includes the work that is distributed in the Apache License 2.0.
– MathJax —

Setting Up the Scientific Calculator 995 App with your PC

It is pretty easy to run the Scientific Calculator 995 app on smartphone and tablet devices which are based on iOS and Android operating systems. What’s unfortunate is there are no official desktop versions of the Scientific Calculator 995 app that can be operated from PC. The only way to operate the Scientific Calculator 995 App on Desktop/Laptop is by employing an emulator.

Check out the guide for the configuration and installation of the Scientific Calculator 995 App.

Step-1: At first, select an emulator which will be required for making an android virtual device which can run android programs. Some popular varieties of the emulator include Bluestack, Memu player, MSI Player, etc.
  1. Step-2: Now visit the official site of your preferred software that you will use for running the programs. You will also find the setup guide and other required information for doing so.
  2. Step-3: Now search for the Scientific Calculator 995 App APK file from Google. Make sure to download it from a reliable and well-recognized APK download site.
  3. Step-4: Click on the downloaded file and then open with the emulator. After doing so, the emulator will initiate the installation of the app inside it.
  4. Step-5: That’s it. You are done. You can now start enjoying the Scientific Calculator 995 app from the emulator as smooth as an android app.

What's new

- Corrected display disorder on high resolution terminals.
- The app's icon has changed to match the new guidelines. Read more Collapse

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