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The Wakebox for Xbox One app is an innovative software that arrives with a lot of optimizations and advantages. Are you searching for a way to utilize the app on PC? Well, that will not be possible easily. Because, as per now, the popular program is only obtainable for Android and iOS smartphone devices.

The only way to run the Wakebox for Xbox One for PC, Windows 32 and 64 bit is by utilizing an android emulator for your computer’s operating system. Currently, all the popular computer operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux have a good number of android emulators.

Keep following the document to know the appropriate procedure for installing the Wakebox for Xbox One app on your computer. Wakebox allows you to remotely power on your Xbox One in order to enable Xbox One streaming to your Windows 10 PC from anywhere!
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August 27, 2019
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Wakebox allows you to remotely power on your Xbox One in order to enable Xbox One streaming to your Windows 10 PC from anywhere!

You must know your Public IP and Xbox One's Console/Live ID in order to use this app. Additionally, this app requires some home network configuration changes (Port Forwarding) in order to work.

You can find your IP simply by googling "what is my IP" on your home network.
The Console ID can be found on your Xbox One under Settings -> All Settings -> System -> Console Info & Updates

Please feel free to email any feedback, issues, or suggestions that you have!

In order to use this app to turn your Xbox One on remotely, you'll first need to setup your home network to allow you to connect remotely. You'll need to make sure that your Xbox is set to Instant On mode. You can set this in Power & Startup -> Power Mode & Startup.

Then set your Xbox so that it either uses a static IP or that your router reserves an IP for your Xbox. You'll need to forward various ports in order to power and stream your Xbox remotely:
Port 5050
Port 4838
Ports 49000-65000

Make sure to forward all of these ports to the Xbox's assigned IP address.

Each Xbox has a unique identifier that is required to power on the Xbox remotely.
You can find this information in: Settings -> All Settings -> System -> Console Info & Updates -> Console ID

Finally you will need your public IP so that you can connect to your home network remotely. This can be easily done by doing a Google Search while on your home network for "what is my ip".

Sometimes your home network will rotate public IP addresses depending on your ISP. If this is the case, you may be able to set up your home network to report its public IP address to a service such as No-Ip.com or similar alternatives. Feel free to search online for more information.

Additionally, there is plenty of guides online that are more verbose and explicit than the instructions included in this app to help you get you setup to stream your Xbox remotely. Feel free to seek further help from those guides if you are having trouble getting set up! A good one to get started with can be found here: https://kinkeadtech.com/how-to-stream-xbox-one-to-windows-10-from-anywhere-with-internet/

This app will only work provided you've setup your home network according to the above instructions or various online guides to enable the ability to stream your Xbox One remotely from the Windows 10 Xbox App. This requires setting up port forwarding on your home router.

I assume no responsibility for any issues related to the initial home network setup process. Please, proceed at your own will.

How to Download Wakebox for Xbox One App on Your Computer or Laptop

The Wakebox for Xbox One app can be easily downloaded on android, iOS and other popular smartphone devices without any difficulties. But unfortunately, there is no way to operate the program on the computer devices as it is not yet released for the PC. So, what can you do to run the Wakebox for Xbox One app for the PC?

Well, you can add an emulator program on your PC which can help you to install the Wakebox for Xbox One app on your PC easily. Furthermore, the addition of the emulator on your PC will help you to run and operate any android apps smoothly on your PC. All you require to do is to go through the below steps:

  1. Download the MEmu emulator software based on the operating system of your computer.
  2. Now download the APK file of the Wakebox for Xbox One app from online or by visiting the third-party APK download sites.
  3. Now open the emulator software and there you will find an APK icon. Click on it and choose the Wakebox for Xbox One APK file you just downloaded.
  4. Now give awhile to the emulator so that it can install the Wakebox for Xbox One app . Post-installation, you can enjoy and operate the Wakebox for Xbox One app on your PC

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