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The WireTap Detection (Anti Spy) for PC, Windows and Mac is a vastly famous program because of its effective and efficient performance. Ever wonder how you can run the WireTap Detection (Anti Spy) app on your computer? Well, you cannot run the app directly on PC devices as it is not released for the PC operating systems.

However, by utilizing an alternative approach, you can easily run the WireTap Detection (Anti Spy) for PC. In fact, you can run the WireTap Detection (Anti Spy) app on all popular computer OS including the Windows, Mac, Linux, and others. Basically, we will implement the emulator method to run the WireTap Detection (Anti Spy) app on these OS.

Keep reading the document to acknowledge the straightforward steps to run the WireTap Detection (Anti Spy) app on PC. Are you worried that someone may be WireTapping your Phone?
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March 5, 2020
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Are you worried that someone may be WireTapping your Phone?

Then you should install this App.

This App will detect attempts to VoiceTap your Device.

Extremely easy to use.

Make sure that the NSA and the FBI are not Tapping your Phone!
(Or your boy/girl-friend, spouse, boss, parents, etc.)

There may be Apps planted on your Device that have the capability to Listen to your Phone Calls, and/or make Voice Recordings from the Microphone, and send them via Internet to an Unknown Receiver. Without your knowledge or consent!

Some Spy Apps may even secretly set up automatic Hidden Phone Calls to or from your Phone, to listen in on you. Hidden Calls are Remotely Controlled and silently set up to or from your Phone, e.g. when you are not using it yourself.

This App – "WireTap Detection" – will protect you from being spied on in these ways, by Detecting all attempts to Tap your Phone. Before you want to make a Recording yourself – or a VoIP (e.g. Skype) Call – simply touch a button to DISABLE the App.

If you have a Tablet (without Phone Capabilities), you can use this App in the same way, to Detect attempts to Spy on you by making Recordings from the Microphone.

Nothing could be simpler.

A Status Notification will show when WireTap Detection is Enabled.


– Enable or Disable WireTap Detection
– Three Main Types of WireTap Detection:
– Optional Detection of Hidden Calls (Incoming and/or Outgoing)
– Optional Detection of Recording of Phone Calls
– Optional Detection of Recording through the Microphone (also covers VoIP Calls, such as made by Skype, etc)
– For each Type of Detection, Audio- and/or Visual-Alerts can optionally and individually be Enabled and Logged
– A Simple Log will show you all Detected attempts to WireTap your Device
– Selectable Time Interval for Periodic Checking of Microphone Recording
– Works in the Background – even when Screen is closed
– Starts Automatically at Power-On

This Unique App seems to be One Of A Kind.
We have not found any other App with the same capabilities.

All Options are Enabled by default.
You should have a look at them (on the Settings Page). May be you want to Disable some of the Options.

Please note that it is only possible to check whether a Microphone Recording is Ongoing or not, at the fixed Intervals selected by you, e.g. once per minute, once per 10 minutes, etc. A shorter Period increases the likelihood of detecting a Mic Recording, but the Battery Consumption may increase slightly. So you should find your own compromise between Detection Probability and Battery Consumption.

Detection of Phone Call Recordings is independent of this Checking Period, as it is limited by the Start and End of the Call.

You may optionally verify that the Periodic Microphone Checking is working, by enabling a Text Notification each time the Microphone is checked.

Due to software differences between various Phones, it may be necessary to adjust a Sensibility value to suit your Device. If you should experience MANY Normal Calls as being registered as Hidden, you should LOWER the Sensibility Factor (found on the Settings Page).

If you should experience some real WireTapping Alerts, you should use our "SpyWare Removal" app to try to identify the App causing the problem, and remove it.

To start with, you will probably mostly be alerted by your own apps, e.g. when you are using a Normal Audio Recording App, or Recording Calls. These are also good for testing this app.

Please note that this App does NOT detect Spying on SMSs, Emails, etc.
(However, from Android version 4.4, it is no longer possible to hide Sent or Received SMSs. They can all be found in the List/Log of SMSs on your Device.)

If you like this App, PLEASE give it a Rating. If you have a problem, send an email to [email protected] before you consider posting a low Rating. Many problems seem to be caused by simple misunderstandings.

Installation Procedure of WireTap Detection (Anti Spy) App for PC (Windows and Mac)

You should have already known that the WireTap Detection (Anti Spy) app isn't available as a desktop or laptop application. But the good news is the WireTap Detection (Anti Spy) app can be easily operated from your Windows, Mac and even the Linux computer by making use of an android emulator.

Several android emulators are obtainable for all these operating systems at absolutely free of charge. You can run the WireTap Detection (Anti Spy) app from the emulator just like an android smartphone. Here are the steps that need to be followed for the installation of WireTap Detection (Anti Spy) App on PC:

  1. Begin with installing a suitable emulator software that is available at free of charge. Some choices include Bluestack, Game Loop, MSI player, etc.
  2. Post-installation, you will find an android virtual device inside the emulator which will work as a virtual android device.
  3. Now login to Gmail to enjoy apps from the play store. After completing the step, search WireTap Detection (Anti Spy) App from Play Store.
  4. Find the app and install it. You should find the WireTap Detection (Anti Spy) App on the virtual emulator and you can smoothly operate it from there.

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