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How To Change Discord Font Back?

    Are you tired of the new Discord font? Do you miss the old, classic font that was easy on the eyes? Well, you’re not alone. Many Discord users have been struggling to adjust to the new font, and are looking for ways to change it back.

    Fortunately, there is a solution. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of changing your Discord font back to the way it was before. Whether you’re using Discord on your desktop or mobile device, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s get started and say goodbye to the new, hard-to-read font once and for all!

    To change the Discord font back to its default setting, go to the User Settings menu, select the Appearance tab, and click on the Reset to Default button under the Theme section. This will reset all customizations, including font changes, back to the default settings.

    How to Change Discord Font Back?

    Have you ever changed the font on your Discord and didn’t like the change? Maybe you find it difficult to read or it just doesn’t match your personal preference. Whatever the reason may be, changing it back is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to change Discord font back to its default setting.

    Step 1: Accessing User Settings

    The first step to changing your Discord font back is accessing your user settings. To do this, click on the gear icon located at the bottom left corner of the Discord window. This will open up the User Settings menu.

    Method 1: Using Keyboard Shortcut

    Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + ,” (comma) to access the User Settings menu.

    Step 2: Changing Theme Settings

    Once you’re in the User Settings menu, click on the “Appearance” tab located on the left-hand side of the screen. This will bring up the Theme settings.

    Method 2: Direct Access to Theme Settings

    You can also directly access the Theme settings by using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + T”.

    Step 3: Resetting Font Settings to Default

    Under the Theme settings, you’ll see an option for “Font” with a drop-down menu. Click on the drop-down menu and select the “Default” option.

    Method 3: Changing Font Settings Manually

    If you prefer to change the font settings manually, you can do so by selecting “Custom” from the drop-down menu and adjusting the font type, size, and style to your liking. However, if you want to change it back to the default setting, make sure to select “Default” from the drop-down menu.

    Benefits of Changing Discord Font Back to Default

    Changing your Discord font back to its default setting can provide several benefits, including:

    • Improved readability
    • Consistency with other Discord users
    • Elimination of any font-related issues or glitches

    Changing Font Settings: Default vs Custom

    While changing your Discord font to a custom setting can be a fun way to personalize your Discord experience, it’s important to note that it can also have drawbacks. Custom fonts can be harder to read, less compatible with certain devices, and can cause issues with Discord updates.

    On the other hand, using the default font setting ensures that you’re using a font that’s designed to work seamlessly with Discord. It’s clear, easy to read, and consistent across all users.


    Changing your Discord font back to its default setting is a quick and easy process that can improve your experience with the platform. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your Discord font is clear, easy to read, and consistent with other users. Whether you prefer the default setting or a custom one, it’s important to choose an option that works best for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Discord is a popular platform among gamers and communities, where you can communicate with others through text, voice, and video. Sometimes, you may accidentally change the font style in Discord and want to change it back. Here are some common questions and answers on how to change the Discord font back.

    How do I change the font style in Discord?

    To change the font style in Discord, you can go to User Settings > Appearance > Advanced and select a font style from the list. If you have a custom font, you can upload it by clicking on the “Upload Custom Font” button. Once you have selected the font style, click the “Save Changes” button to apply it to your Discord account.

    If you are using Discord on a browser, you may need to refresh the page to see the changes. If you are using the Discord desktop app, the changes will take effect immediately.

    How do I reset the font style in Discord?

    If you have changed the font style in Discord and want to reset it to the default font, you can click on the “Reset to Default” button in the Appearance settings. This will change the font style back to the default font that Discord uses.

    Keep in mind that resetting the font style will revert any custom font changes you have made. If you want to keep your custom font style, you will need to select it again after resetting to the default font.

    Why is my font style not changing in Discord?

    If your font style is not changing in Discord, it could be due to a few reasons. Firstly, make sure that you have selected a different font style from the list or uploaded a custom font. If you have done this and the font style is still not changing, try refreshing the page or restarting the Discord app.

    If the font style is still not changing, it could be a technical issue with Discord or your device. Contact Discord support for further assistance.

    Can I change the font size in Discord?

    Yes, you can change the font size in Discord by going to User Settings > Appearance > Advanced and adjusting the font size slider. You can also change the font size of individual messages by using the zoom in/out feature in your web browser or by using the zoom function on your device.

    Keep in mind that changing the font size may affect the overall appearance of Discord, so be sure to choose a size that is comfortable for you to read.

    How do I change the font color in Discord?

    Discord does not have a built-in feature to change the font color. However, you can use Discord formatting codes to change the color of your text. To do this, type the following code before your message: ““`css” (without the quotes).

    Then, type your message and add the code for the color you want to use. For example, to make your text red, type: “color: red;” (without the quotes). Finally, type ““`” (without the quotes) at the end of your message to close the formatting code.

    In conclusion, changing the Discord font back is a simple process that can be done in a few easy steps. Whether you accidentally changed the font or just prefer the original font, you can easily revert back to the default font style. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can quickly switch back to the classic Discord font and enjoy chatting with your friends and community members without any distractions.

    Remember, Discord is all about creating a fun and engaging community, and having the right font can make a big difference. So if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the new font style, don’t worry – just follow these simple steps to get back to the font you know and love. With a little patience and some basic knowledge of Discord, you’ll be back to chatting with your friends in no time.

    In the end, it’s important to remember that Discord is a platform that is constantly evolving and changing. While it may take some time to get used to new features and design changes, it’s all part of the fun of being a part of a dynamic and active online community. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different fonts and styles, and always be willing to learn and grow as a member of the Discord community.

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