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How To Get More Inmail Credits Linkedin?

    Are you struggling to connect with potential clients or collaborators on LinkedIn? Inmail credits can be the key to reaching out to those who are outside your network. However, with a limited number of credits available each month, it’s essential to use them wisely and know how to get more. In this article, we’ll explore some tips and tricks to help you increase your Inmail credit balance and make the most out of your LinkedIn outreach efforts. So, let’s get started!

    How to Get More InMail Credits on LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn is a professional platform that connects millions of professionals worldwide. It is one of the best platforms to network with people in your industry, find jobs, and build your brand. One of the most valuable features of LinkedIn is InMail, which allows you to send direct messages to other LinkedIn members who are not in your network. However, InMail comes at a cost, and the amount of InMail credits you have can limit your ability to reach out to potential connections. In this article, we will discuss how to get more InMail credits on LinkedIn.

    1. Upgrade Your LinkedIn Account

    LinkedIn offers various account types, and each account type comes with a different number of InMail credits. If you have a free LinkedIn account, you will get five InMail credits per month. However, if you upgrade to a Premium account, you can get up to 50 InMail credits per month, depending on the plan you choose.

    When you upgrade to a Premium account, you not only get more InMail credits, but you also get additional features that can help you optimize your profile, find jobs, and grow your network. Premium accounts start at $29.99 per month, but the cost may vary depending on the plan you choose.

    2. Participate in LinkedIn Surveys

    LinkedIn occasionally sends surveys to its members, asking for feedback on various aspects of the platform. If you participate in these surveys, LinkedIn may reward you with InMail credits. The amount of InMail credits you receive may vary, but it is a great way to earn free credits.

    3. Purchase InMail Credits

    If you have exhausted your monthly InMail credits and need more, you can purchase additional credits. LinkedIn offers various credit packages that you can purchase, starting at $10.00 for 3 credits. The more credits you purchase, the lower the per-credit cost.

    To purchase InMail credits, go to the LinkedIn Premium page and click on “Buy more InMail credits.” Select the package you want to purchase, enter your payment information, and you are done.

    4. Connect with More People

    The more connections you have on LinkedIn, the more InMail credits you will receive. LinkedIn rewards members who have a large number of connections by giving them more InMail credits. Therefore, it is essential to connect with as many people as possible, especially those in your industry.

    To connect with more people, join LinkedIn groups, attend networking events, and send connection requests to people you meet. Also, make sure your profile is optimized to attract potential connections.

    5. Use InMail Credits Wisely

    InMail credits are valuable and should be used wisely. Before sending an InMail, make sure you have done your research and know who you are reaching out to. Personalize your message and make it clear why you are reaching out. Avoid spamming people with irrelevant messages, as this can lead to your account being flagged.

    6. Take Advantage of LinkedIn Offers

    LinkedIn occasionally offers free InMail credits to its members as part of promotions or offers. Keep an eye out for these offers and take advantage of them when they are available.

    7. Monitor Your InMail Usage

    LinkedIn provides a dashboard that allows you to monitor your InMail usage. Use this dashboard to track how many InMail credits you have used and how many you have left. This will help you manage your InMail usage and ensure that you do not run out of credits when you need them.

    8. Get Recommendations

    LinkedIn rewards members who have recommendations on their profiles by giving them more InMail credits. Therefore, it is essential to have recommendations on your profile. Ask your connections to recommend you, especially those you have worked with or done business with.

    9. Optimize Your Profile

    A well-optimized profile can help you attract more connections, which can lead to more InMail credits. Make sure your profile is complete, with a professional headline, a summary that showcases your skills and experience, and a professional profile picture.

    10. Use LinkedIn Ads

    LinkedIn Ads is a paid advertising platform that allows you to promote your profile, content, or business to a specific audience. When you use LinkedIn Ads, you can earn InMail credits depending on your ad spend. The more you spend, the more InMail credits you will receive.

    In conclusion, getting more InMail credits on LinkedIn is essential if you want to connect with more people and grow your network. By following the tips discussed in this article, you can increase your InMail credits, optimize your profile, and build your brand on LinkedIn.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are InMail credits on LinkedIn?

    InMail credits on LinkedIn are virtual tokens that allow you to send messages to people outside of your network on the platform. Each InMail credit can be used to send one message to one recipient, and they’re a valuable tool for reaching out to potential clients, partners, or job candidates.

    InMail credits are only available to LinkedIn Premium members, and they can’t be purchased separately from a Premium subscription. The number of InMail credits you receive each month depends on the type of Premium account you have.

    How do I check my InMail credits on LinkedIn?

    To check your InMail credits on LinkedIn, go to your LinkedIn inbox and click on the “Compose message” button. In the “To” field, start typing the name of the person you want to message. A pop-up will appear that shows you how many InMail credits you have left for the month.

    If you don’t see the pop-up, it’s possible that you’ve already used all of your InMail credits for the month. You can also check your InMail credit balance by going to your LinkedIn settings and clicking on “Premium Subscription” under “Account Type.”

    How can I get more InMail credits on LinkedIn?

    The only way to get more InMail credits on LinkedIn is to upgrade to a higher level of LinkedIn Premium. Each level of Premium comes with a different number of InMail credits per month, so you’ll need to choose the plan that best fits your needs.

    If you find that you need more InMail credits than your current plan provides, you may want to consider upgrading to a higher level of Premium or reaching out to LinkedIn’s customer support team to see if they can offer any additional options.

    Can I rollover unused InMail credits on LinkedIn?

    No, unused InMail credits on LinkedIn do not rollover to the next month. If you don’t use all of your InMail credits for the current month, they will expire at the end of the month and you’ll start with a fresh set of credits for the next month.

    It’s important to keep this in mind when deciding how to use your InMail credits each month. If you anticipate that you’ll have a lot of messages to send in a particular month, you may want to upgrade to a higher level of Premium to ensure that you have enough credits to meet your needs.

    What are some best practices for using InMail credits on LinkedIn?

    When using InMail credits on LinkedIn, it’s important to be strategic about who you’re reaching out to and what you’re saying in your message. Here are a few best practices to keep in mind:

    1. Do your research: Before sending an InMail, take the time to research the person you’re reaching out to and customize your message accordingly.

    2. Keep it concise: InMails should be short and to the point. Avoid long-winded messages that may turn off the recipient.

    3. Be professional: InMails should be written in a professional tone, even if you’re reaching out to someone in a more casual context.

    4. Follow up: If you don’t get a response to your InMail, don’t be afraid to send a follow-up message a week or two later. Sometimes, people just need a reminder.

    In conclusion, getting more Inmail credits on LinkedIn is not a difficult task, but it requires some effort. First, make sure your profile is updated and complete to increase your chances of being approved for Inmail credits. Next, consider purchasing a LinkedIn premium subscription, as this will give you more Inmail credits and other valuable features. Finally, make strategic connections with people in your industry and engage with their content to increase your chances of receiving Inmail credits from LinkedIn. By following these steps, you can maximize your Inmail credits and take advantage of all the opportunities that LinkedIn has to offer. So, what are you waiting for? Start implementing these strategies today and watch your Inmail credits grow!

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