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How To Take Portrait Mode Off Snapchat?

    Are you tired of taking pictures in portrait mode on Snapchat? Do you want to switch back to the traditional camera mode? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to take portrait mode off Snapchat so you can get back to snapping like a pro.

    Portrait mode can be great for capturing beautiful selfies, but it can be frustrating when you want to take a quick snap without it. Fortunately, removing portrait mode on Snapchat is a simple process. Whether you’re an avid Snapchat user or a beginner, follow these easy steps to turn off portrait mode and get back to capturing all your favorite moments.

    How to Take Portrait Mode Off Snapchat?

    Snapchat is a popular social media platform that allows you to share photos and videos with your friends. One of the features that Snapchat offers is portrait mode. This feature allows you to take pictures with a blurred background, giving your photos a professional look. However, some Snapchat users may prefer not to use portrait mode. In this article, we will show you how to take portrait mode off Snapchat.

    Step 1: Open Snapchat and Access Your Profile

    The first step to take portrait mode off Snapchat is to open the app and access your profile. To do this, tap on your profile icon located at the top left corner of the screen. Once you are on your profile page, tap on the gear icon located at the top right corner of the screen. This will take you to the settings page.

    Benefits of Portrait Mode on Snapchat

    Before we proceed with the steps on how to take portrait mode off Snapchat, let us first discuss the benefits of this feature. Portrait mode on Snapchat allows you to take stunning photos with a blurred background. This feature is perfect for capturing portraits, selfies, and other images that require a professional look. With portrait mode, you can make your photos stand out and impress your friends.

    Vs. Normal Mode on Snapchat

    While portrait mode has its benefits, some users may prefer the normal mode on Snapchat. Normal mode allows you to take photos without any filters or effects. This mode is perfect for capturing everyday moments and candid shots. With normal mode, you can take photos quickly and easily without having to worry about adjusting any settings.

    Step 2: Access Snapchat’s Camera Settings

    Once you are on the settings page, scroll down until you see the “Additional Services” section. Under this section, you will find the “Manage” option. Tap on “Manage” to access Snapchat’s camera settings.

    Portrait Mode vs. Other Snapchat Camera Modes

    Apart from portrait mode and normal mode, Snapchat also offers other camera modes. These modes include video mode, slow-motion mode, and fast-forward mode. Each mode has its unique features and benefits. For example, video mode allows you to capture videos, while slow-motion mode allows you to capture slow-motion videos.

    Step 3: Turn Off Portrait Mode on Snapchat

    Once you are on the camera settings page, toggle off the “Portrait Mode” option. This will disable portrait mode on your Snapchat app. You can now take photos without the blurred background effect.

    Benefits of Turning Off Portrait Mode on Snapchat

    Turning off portrait mode on Snapchat has its benefits. For one, you can take photos without the blurred background effect. This is perfect for users who prefer to take photos with a clear background. Additionally, turning off portrait mode can help save battery life on your device since the feature requires additional processing power.


    Snapchat’s portrait mode feature is an excellent tool for taking stunning photos. However, if you prefer not to use this feature, you can easily turn it off by following the steps outlined in this article. Remember, portrait mode is just one of the many features that Snapchat offers. Experiment with other camera modes to find the one that works best for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some commonly asked questions about how to remove portrait mode on Snapchat:

    1. What is portrait mode on Snapchat?

    Portrait mode is a feature on Snapchat that blurs the background of a photo or video to make the subject stand out more. It creates a professional-looking effect that can improve the overall quality of your content.

    However, not everyone likes this effect or wants to use it all the time. Luckily, there are ways to turn off portrait mode on Snapchat.

    2. How do I turn off portrait mode on Snapchat?

    If you want to remove the portrait mode effect on your Snapchat photos or videos, you can do so by following these steps:

    1. Open Snapchat and go to the camera screen.

    2. Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner to open the settings menu.

    3. Scroll down and find the option labeled “Portrait Mode.”

    4. Toggle the switch next to “Portrait Mode” to turn it off.

    Once you’ve turned off portrait mode, your Snapchat photos and videos will no longer have the blurred background effect.

    3. Can I turn off portrait mode for specific snaps?

    Yes, you can turn off portrait mode for specific snaps if you don’t want the blurred background effect. Here’s how:

    1. Open Snapchat and take a photo or video like you normally would.

    2. Once you’ve captured your content, swipe left or right on the screen to access the various filters and effects.

    3. Look for the option labeled “Portrait Mode” and toggle the switch to turn it off.

    4. You can now save or share your snap without the portrait mode effect.

    4. What if I don’t see the portrait mode option in my Snapchat settings?

    If you don’t see the portrait mode option in your Snapchat settings, it’s possible that your device or operating system is not compatible with the feature. Make sure you have the latest version of Snapchat installed and that your device meets the minimum requirements for using portrait mode.

    If you still can’t find the portrait mode option, you may need to wait for a software update or contact Snapchat support for further assistance.

    5. Are there any other ways to remove the portrait mode effect on Snapchat?

    If you don’t want to use the portrait mode feature on Snapchat, there are a few other options you can try to remove the effect:

    1. Use a third-party camera app that doesn’t have portrait mode.

    2. Take your photo or video with the regular camera app on your device and then import it into Snapchat.

    3. Use the “Edit” feature in Snapchat to remove the blur effect from your photo or video.

    Keep in mind that these options may not produce the same high-quality results as portrait mode, but they can still be effective for certain types of content.

    In conclusion, taking portrait mode off Snapchat is a simple process that can enhance your overall experience with the app. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily disable the portrait mode feature and have more control over your photos and videos. This can be particularly useful if you want to capture more detail or if you simply prefer a different style of photography.

    Remember, portrait mode is just one of many features available on Snapchat, and there are plenty of other ways to express yourself creatively through the app. Whether you’re sharing snaps with friends, exploring new filters, or experimenting with different modes and effects, Snapchat offers endless possibilities for fun and creativity.

    So, whether you’re a seasoned Snapchat user or just getting started, don’t be afraid to explore all the different features and options available to you. With a little practice and experimentation, you can create amazing snaps that capture your unique personality and style. So go ahead and take portrait mode off Snapchat, and start snapping away!

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